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Hello all!  I am brand new to the game.  I’ve noticed I can no longer see in the sewers and I attribute it to running out of oil in my wrist lantern.  Is that a thing?  What is the best way to get more oil?

Thank you!

There're 2 ways at least
1) Can buy jug of oil in a shop in Palanthas and 'fill wrist jug'
2) create a new character and toss a new wrist lantern

There is a reequip maybe at the top of solace square to give back all the newbie eq.

Also bring a guide. You can get a guide from receptionist. Make the guide hold a lantern for you. You cant hide or sneak and stab with light worn.

I think help newbie would describe most of the extra help you have access to for being a newbie in solace.

You can also just buy a new lantern.

Are you currently playing 2 characters? And which ones if so.

Welcome to the game btw. If you see anyone with Myth next to their name, reach out to them and they will be happy to help you.


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