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Older player considering adjusting to multi

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--- Quote from: wembley on November 17, 2020, 09:29:05 PM ---the idea is to send commands from the main screen to secondary and to send important info (spells wearing off, skills cooldown, hungry/thirsty, etc) from the secondary to main.

say, you're using tintin which only has single text screen, nothing to alt-tab there. but it has named sessions and sending a command to another session is as simple as putting a sesstion name before the command.

so, you log your main char as #main and your secondary basher as #war

--- Code: ---#alias b {#war bash;#war stand}

--- End code ---
etc etc..
and in the #war sesion you have something like

--- Code: ---#action {You are hungry} {#main #showme YOUR BASHER IS HUNGRY!}

--- End code ---

--- End quote ---

Is there anyway to replicate this using Mudlet?


Any idea why this doesn't work in tt++?

#ALIAS {pp}
    put $totalgold coins $cont;
    #alias dothing {split $coinsvalue}

I get you can't find that container - but

#VARIABLE {cont} {satchel}

that is the correct container.

This seems to be the problem:    #action {%0H %1V %2X %3% %4C%5>} {#var totalgold %4}

As that is showing as this after I hit enter #ACTION {H V X % C>} {#var totalgold }

Could you please clarify your question?
And maybe start a relevant thread?


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