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Dagger from the 90's

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Howdy Folks!

I'm almost 100% retired these days and only log on every now and again to show my kids what game monopolized my time those many years ago.

I'm hoping this isn't sharing too much game knowledge, but I have a memory of picking up a dagger somewhere in Tarsis (maybe the shop) 20 years ago and that dagger had a cool special. All I remember is a black hand coming out of the dagger to paralyze the mob when I was fighting it. I think it triggered a hold person spell on critical hit or some such.

Does anyone know if that dagger still exists in the game?

I was doing Tarsis treehouse with a cleric way back in the day who said "hey, nice prim" then five minutes later a group of 25+ bashed me to death and took said dagger. I have never seen it again in all my time playing the game. Thoughts?


illrigger has a blackened dagger that specs hold person, although quite infrequently

Thank you!

Not to totally change the commentary here, but this is probably a good example of how gear loads. I've run illrigger hundreds of times and never loaded this dagger.

There are dozens of examples of zones and mobs where I have run the zone over and over again as part of my normal zoning routine and never see an item load. It's crazy how much gear loads so infrequently...or if I just have the worst luck in Arctic history.

I'm pretty sure Corey has 50 alts and just rents anything that's rentable on them.

Gear still loads everywhere.  you just have to expand your search.  especially at this point in the wipe.  And i seriously doubt there's anything in Illrigger that corey would lean down to pick up.


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