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I initially stopped playing long before ranks. And when they came back I didnt pursue them much because I was once again carried back into the world. Ranks appeared to initially a be level 30 thing. Ranks were won by killing X mobs with X being limited to once per ranks. Now I see Im rank 1 on my level 16 paladin.

Someone told me ranks were given out alongside leveling now. So my question is what triggers them? I did hjor's and noticed it went up, but i think it did incrementally through the zone. is it still tied to mobs or skills or some other objective? Im not looking to get to specific but a general idea would help.

Hi Joe,

Welcome back!

Ranks are tied to mobs. There are hundreds of "rankmobs" throughout the mud. Some are much more obvious than others. The more often a mob is killed the lower % you will earn for killing it. So there is a passive bonus gained from exploration rather than running laps around the mud killing the same mobs over and over again. Also, ranks can start accumulating at lower levels now, as you found out.

I hope this helped!

Thanks Chisul!

Also prompt rank is your friend.


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