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Any tips/or tools for mapping zones?  I have no idea how to deal with spin areas or even the inconsistent distance between rooms? Any advice would be great.

Some spins are mappable, some aren't. Usually a good way to figure this out is to try moving down when down isn't a visible exit - if you are able to move, it means the spin is likely truly random and can't really be mapped. On the other hand, if you can't move down, then a good way to map out the spin is to drop a different number of coins on the ground in each spin room and note the number of coins on the ground when you move. This won't always work, but is useful when it does. For example, you could say that moving east from the room you dropped 2 coins in, might take you to the room you dropped 6 coins in. And keep going for each exit for each room.

Dealing with the inconsistent exit distances shouldn't be too much more difficult, as there usually isn't anything spinny about them. You could try to space out your rooms a bit more when mapping new areas if you suspect there might be longer connections, so you can throw in extra rooms in between later if needed.

Hope that helps at least a little bit.

nice, thanks!


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