Author Topic: May 14, 2020 -- Crouching Goblins, Hidden Kender  (Read 2751 times)

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May 14, 2020 -- Crouching Goblins, Hidden Kender
« on: May 14, 2020, 06:23:40 AM »
May 13, 2020

  Friends, goblins, hooligans!

   We are proud to announce yet another promotion of our smelliest goblin
   battlemasters! Their continued efforts for the game remain unparalleled
   and as a result they must be punished with yet more responsibility!

     Anista has been doing incredible work for the game, coding away
     many long standing issues as well as bringing some great new
     features to the game. His tireless work on zone approval and
     creation have helped get lots of new content into the game and he
     has also been a great asset in his handling of mortal affairs. As
     such, we are naming him the new head of gameport so that he can
     continue to improve the game for us all.

     Kholos continues to be a masterful zone creator and mentor to
     other members of the creation staff, both new and old. His zones
     are some of your favorite and also your least favorite (because
     they kill you so often). His vision and talent for creation have
     been a driving force behind new content in the game and so is only
     fair that he become the new head of creation so that he can help
     shape the future of content for the game.

     Kam, meanwhile, will continue on in his role as someone who mostly
     does nothing but takes credit for all the good stuff that seems to
     happen near him. The most masterful jerk, the cleverest kender,
     the head implementor will continue to oversee all aspects of the
     game and guide the goblins in their new roles (with leashes, and
     maybe whips, but definitely disinfectant and air freshener).

   Please congratulate Anista and Kholos when you see them online, which
   should be often, while they do all the things to make the game you love
   even more lovable (and horrible).

  May you all die.