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Why would anyone play neutral?

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If you dont have a plan on leveling, then you should make one.

The trick is usually dont share the max xp with other chars. Then you will be guaranteed of getting a set amount of xp for a particular zone.

This is important because going solo means a limited number of mobs you can kill at low and mid levels. You want to get full xp per mob and not maxed nor shared.

Another trick is never die. Dying doesnt remove your max kill list. Losing xp and maxing on the mobs you just killed is a double whammy.

When you are desperate, every char has a limited list of maxed killed mobs. You can push the recent maxed mobs out with a variety of low level mobs. The point here is replacing your recent maxed xp mobs with any easy 0xps mobs. Each needs to be tag differently. Eg do not go kill solace citizens a million times. That counts only 1 mob in your list.

Once you are highish level enough, xp is just a side thing that comes with zoning and popping items.

That all being said, neutral does suck compared to lawful evil or lawful good. There is really no good reason why it should continue to be that way.

At some point, somewhere in the last 15 years or so, people just stopped making zones with neutral mobs in them.
We have been (and still are) hard at work to bring you more neutral mob content to help with the struggle of leveling.

As someone who has pretty much always played neutral aligns, I like to think of it like just a higher difficulty level for the game. Wimps go good lawful, decent players go evil, but the pros go neutral!

Only class to make neutral is red robe


--- Quote from: Shannow on April 17, 2020, 11:11:58 PM ---After rolling a neutral warrior (cause Gully) I wonder why anyone would roll neutral?

--- End quote ---

i've almost always gone neutral shaman for gear selection.  only reincarnation has changed my decision.

I always went neutral for flexibility (xping and gear to some extent) but now I'd only swap to neutral after reincarnating 'enough' and hitting legend on a character.  Reincarnating multiple times as a neutral sucked last wipe, though getting more neutral high lvl zones could make it better in the future.


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