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Why would anyone play neutral?

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The payoff with being neutral is having the ability to wear a lot of gear that is either anti good or anti evil. Neutral can definitely wear the most amount of +damage items in the game. I think the easier option would be to play good or evil until you are done reincarnating and then make the switch. The amount of time it takes you to switch aligns will be far faster than exping as a neutral on your 4th, 5th or 6th reincarnate. 

A few other reasons to make a neutral:

1) gully dwarf. Even though I found that race not at all better than hylar (somewhat better dex, but it doesn't compensate for lower str), some ppl actually play them.

2) The red robes (the "read" robes ;--PPP  ) were already mentioned here. However, there is also a role of a companion of a red robe, usually a tank or a shaman. If my main char is a red robe, then a dk or a paladin - or any other good/evil char - are hardly a good companion:

If I do, say, an evil zone with a neutral mage and a paladin, the latter will get almost twice as much xp as the red robe and level faster. When the paladin becomes 2-3 levels higher, it will take most of the xp, thus slowing the progress of the mage even further.

3) Limited game knowledge. All the reasoning mentioned in this thread had a 'clan leader' type of player in mind, the one who knows every single mob in the game and can choose the most optimal way of powerleveling.

Now consider a newbie (imagine that, there are still some newbies in the game), or a typical occasional/returning player. Imagine further, that some zones get deleted, others get changed, and our occasional player only knows 3 zones appropriate for their level: 1 good, 1 evil and 1 neutral. Worse yet, they died a lot and are already maxxed in 2 zones out of 3. In most cases, the 1 remaining zone is the least appropriate for their align and thus their progress is severely slowed.

Even if they decide to explore something new, they may get unlucky and stumble upon the mobs inappropriate for their alignment. A neutral char makes the progress slower, but more reliably.

4) And here we finally come to the issue of exploring. Once again, the 'clan leader' types already know everything and even if a new zone gets added, they enlist the help of the elite forces of their entire clan to quickly learn it.

Now, an occasional player is likely to go on explore solo or with a small group, and neither of them are likely to be very elite. A neutral char is much less likely to attract the attention of xenophobe mobs and thus has a much better survival rate. Or at least more time to read the room descriptions and try the kws without getting disturbed by those knights of the Rose or whatever.

Plus, exploring the zone is not limited to mapping it and making the list of loads. The difficulty of the fights, the time required for them and the xp rewards are also important - all that information may be used later for preparing the future leveling plans (e.g. for the next reincarnation.) However, if I explore a good zone using a good char, my xp gains are reduced to zero and I don't get reliable information on how much xp each mob is worth.

P.S. The same problem arises when I explore a new zone by a char at 1x. Here is an idea how to fix that: change the messaging. Instead of

You receive 0 experience.
The dragon is dead. R.I.P.

Provide the following output:

You would receive 654321 experience, but you're already at 1x.
The dragon is dead. R.I.P.

Neutral is great.
no restrictions , like no restrictions sex


--- Quote from: Nasredin on April 30, 2020, 11:04:10 AM ---A few other reasons to make a neutral:

1) gully dwarf. Even though I found that race not at all better than hylar (somewhat better dex, but it doesn't compensate for lower str), some ppl actually play them.
--- End quote ---

Gully strength vs Hylar is negligible and vastly offset by the dex difference.  Personally, I miss reincarnating into a good aligned half-ogre. :)


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