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Why would anyone play neutral?

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After rolling a neutral warrior (cause Gully) I wonder why anyone would roll neutral? I realize the idea of neutral player gets xp anywhere but when the xp penalty is so large..ranging from 40 to 75% there is really zero point to playing a neut character for xp.  Could maybe the levels be looked at because the penalties seem to make it prohibitive to ever playing a neut char (I certainly wont make that mistake again).

It's easier to spread out your xp zones, so you never max out on a zone. But.. you start off a lot lower :P. Gear access is a little bit wider range too.



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As a soon to be R4 evil, it's not greener on that side either. The lack of medium difficulty good aligned zones is rough. Killing the same knights/guards/elves gets boring quick. Goodies have it pretty good! The grind is crazy, but at least you have some variety.


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