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Zone Population
« on: April 10, 2020, 12:22:06 AM »
February 9, 2018

   Please do not bring more than 8 people to a zone.
   Please do not drop link as a tactic to defeat game/zone mechanics.
   Please do not utilize 'storage characters' for limited items.
   Please do not anger the happy fun reaper kender. You will die.

   - Kam

The big exception to the '8 characters in a zone' rule comes when one group plans to pk another group already in a zone.  There should still be no more than 8 friendlies in a zone at one time.  ("Anchored" people also count, even if they are not there.)  Roads and major towns are excluded from this rule.
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Re: Pk Beta Scoring System
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Please report any bugs or issues that you may find to an immortal.

If there are no immortals online, please send an email to

To reach me directly, send to

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