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some help with Dk quest

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The World Merchant (WM) that is in every major city (Balifor, Kalaman, Palanthas, Solace and (finally) Tarsis) is the best way to get re-geared up after a total loss.  That axe you mentioned is in there sometimes as well as other 2-handers that are better and 1 hand combinations that are better too.

Checking the WM often is the key to having decent gear if you aren't able to do a lot of zoning.

If you don't know the stats of most gear, Palanthas and Solace both sell "a Scroll of Legend Lore" in the magic shops and also have the WM so you can easily Lore everything (assuming you have the coins to buy the scrolls).  You can do this in other towns as well but those 2 are the easiest for mass WM loring.

To be honest the easiest way to solve your problems would be for you to make a cleric as an alt character for your dark knight. Might take awhile to grind it up but the curing power will do you better than the damage/curing output of the druid.

Also, start shouting for groups and people will group you even if it's only for an hour or so. Then tell to those people when you're on if y'all hit it off.


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