Author Topic: October 27, 2019 --- The Haunted Mansion (Halloween Event + Instance Testing)  (Read 679 times)

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    Today's broadcast marks the introduction of a new, temporary zone just in time for the spirit
    of Halloween. The zone will only be available for a short while but has an interesting new
    feature. The zone will be 'instanced', in which it will automatically replicate itself
    to be run by multiple groups at once. We can all thank Adepali for providing us with this
    new feature. We hope you enjoy the featured zone and make sure to give your thanks to Kam and
    Alecto for helping out!

    There have been strange sightings in Kalaman Graveyard of a haunted mansion seeing some activity.
    If you should try to venture inside, it might be wise to bring some company with you so they can
    retell the stories of your heroic deaths! Remember, this zone will only be available for a short
    time so get it in while you can!

    May you all die, and rise again!

    Your goblin battlemasters,
    -- Kholos & Anista


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After some grinding i was super excited to buy the grim reaper scythe for my shaman... and its a longblade... how is a scythe a longblade? Can this please be changed to a miscellaneous weapon please? If i could have browsed the weapon i could have saved some time. Overall the mansion instance is fun and pretty damn cool. The rewards are decent and the boss fights were fun... but a longblade scythe? Seriously?


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The scythes I can recall in game are all long blades, as this is the only option druids get for them weapon skill wise.  Scythes were mostly druid options.

I.e.  Yep, that item sounds appropriate per the itemization history of the game.


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But a scythe is not a long blade.


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Well, yeah,  it is.  Isn't a long sword, but it has three feet pf sharpened steel on the end... certainly both long and bladed.


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As America's poet Laureates, Wreckx-N-Effect said in their ode to the American Experience, Rump Shaker:

… Now since you got the body of the year, come and get the award
Here's a hint, it's like a long sharp sword


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I was figuring it'd be a misc but longblade doesn't surprise me, even though it leaves shamans unable to use a cool weapon.  Decent barb weapon at least.