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Thoughts After A 3x Reincarnation
« on: September 19, 2019, 08:02:28 PM »
I'll preface this by making it clear that reincarnating my character 3x at the rate I did was only possible because I didn't reincarnate any other characters and made full use of them to support my barbarian.  Also reincarnating a neutral character multiple times is a clear sign of madness.

Anyways, I'll break down my feedback in to groups:

The Good:
- Removes any of the "I hit 1x, now to roll a real (exotic race) character" optimization that has existed in the past.   Now you can take your wipe character and turn them in to the 'better' character instead.  With some extra bonuses for doing so.
- Adds longer term value to characters and gives more ways to grow their usefulness over a wipe beyond ranks (and the equipment pop/repop cycle).
- Info on reincarnation lists the actual numbers for each bonus instead of vague wording (except learn but I understand that isn't as simple as +5 learn per reincarnation) like in other areas of the game (and their helpfiles).  Please keep doing this, both for new and existing mechanics and their info.
- Reincarnation bonuses can allow for some different race/class combos without having to worry as much about min-maxxing.  Can't wait to see reincarnated kender Paladins and maybe the occasional gnome that can lift TWO feathers!
- Legend doesn't carry over.  As convenient as it'd be it'd also be pretty broken.  On the other hand I'm also curious to see just how fast a 6x reincarnated legendary thief would hit level 30.  Not that they're going to take very long as a non-legendary thief...

The Bad:
- Gully Dwarves are forced to be neutral yet they gain less total str/dex/con than half-ogres and dargonesti (1 less, but still).  Maybe their breath resist bonus is amazing but we have no idea what the bonus actually is. 
- Lack of caster-focused exotic races.  Irda has +wis and I'm sure Dargo casters are fine but where's the int/wis or int/wis/cha bonused exotic race similar to half-ogres and gullies (and dargo) for physical classes?  Bring back Phantheons, add other races like Scions and Draconians.
- When you pick a reincarnation bonus it is set forever, you don't get to redo all reincarnation bonuses during a future reincarnation.  At the very least, this should be laid out in the helpfile for reincarnation.
- HP gains being their usual random selves.  That each reincarnation gets +hp (based on class) is great but I'd also suggest that characters simply not be able to roll less total HP than in a previous incarnation.  If I reincarnate a 23 con barb with 700hp and my reincarnation is 23 con, they should end up with 715hp or more at level 30.  If that reincarnation ended up at 718hp (703 base) then reincarnation #2 wouldn't be less than 733hp at 23 con.  Alternately, just make hp gains uniform and get rid of the RNG.  Sure beating the odds is nice but it also sucks knowing you have no way of preventing RNG from screwing your gains (and if there is a way there is no player-facing info anywhere so it's only known by imms (and friends)).
- Regular ranks don't carry over or refund any coins spent.  I understand not letting the ranks themselves carry over, but I'd suggest either a partial coin refund or just letting smaller/cheaper ranks carry over for convenience.  Alternately, give players the option to pick and pay to keep ranks of their choice during reincarnation as part of the process.  If someone has an extra million coins on hand or in the bank let them just rebuy the rank without walking a couple rooms from the solace reception.

The Awful:
- The level 30 xp penalty when grouping.  This has to go if you plan to keep reincarnation around.  I'd be curious to know why it exists in the first place but whatever the reason, it has run its course with reincarnation being here.  People who hit level 30 are incentivized when it comes to grouping if their goal is reincarnation.  If I'm just hitting 29 and half my party just hit 30 I'm still benefiting from grouping but now they're all lucky if their xp per kill is even a quarter of mine.  At level 29 I had a LG character leeching xp in a good-aligned zone and it was getting 2-3x the XP that a level 30 DK was getting (while my lvl 30 neutral char got even less, ofcourse).  That is absolutely broken and hurts the game.
- Imms looking at re-balancing the MUD around reincarnation.  Are 6x reincarnated characters going to have a considerable boost?  Yes.  It's not going to magically make Cyan farmable or the game more enjoyable if it takes 50 hours of grinding to be able to do something that currently can be done after 20 hours.  So please stop thinking about what to nerf, where, and how.  The amount of time a 6x reincarnation is going to take next wipe is considerable.  Anyone putting in that much time deserves to have their 600hp thief or 450hp mage.  You're looking at 100+ hours of leveling even if you aren't dying often (and people focused on reincarnation are going to be a bit more cautious).

General Thoughts:

- All this was on a neutral aligned character.  In hindsight I could (and should) have changed my alignment to evil and in the same amount of time reincarnated 4x, possibly 5x, since almost all of my xp after level 10 or so came from good or neutral aligned mobs and what few evils I killed I could've offset with some other good aligned zone(s). 
- I understand neutral characters getting less XP than good/evil characters but if the imms are considering rebalancing races or the MUD in general with the expectation of people reincarnating then please just remove the reincarnation mechanic instead.  As neat as it is I'd rather it not exist than be forced to spend dozens upon dozens of extra hours grinding and regrinding just to hit the equivalent of a character now.
- Allowing players to change alignment during reincarnation would be helpful.  In a lot of cases people will likely be able to do so anyways if they're killing just good or evil stuff at level 30.  Putting the option in the reincarnation process would be welcome though.  Unless you plan to have special bonuses like "reincarnate a neutral human 6x without changing alignment ever and you get to use the exclusive Super Kender exotic race" or whatever.
- I can't stress enough that the level 30 penalty needs to be removed.  People should be encouraged to play together, the penalty does the exact opposite.  Even during the 2x weekend it wasn't worth playing in large groups at 30 due to it.  Why get less than 10m xp an hour in a group when you can solo for double that, or more?
- Consider adding new ranks, both in general and for reincarnations.  The reincarnation ranks don't need to be anything crazy like Lim_Dam or Hard_Bash, but even stuff like a rank that gives Detect Astral, +hit, +skills, and so forth would be welcome.
- If someone's rebuying a rank they had before, give a 25% discount on the coin cost.  Good ranks would still be expensive and not likely a thing people will buy every reincarnation, but it'd be handy.
- If CL is still around for mages next wipe then every time a mage reincarnates they should get +1 CL.

Tl;dr:  Reincarnation mechanic itself is v.good, neutral-align leveling speed is bad, lvl 30 xp penalty is v.bad, any plans to re-balance the MUD for reincarnation to be "the new normal" is awful.

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Re: Thoughts After A 3x Reincarnation
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2019, 09:42:03 PM »
you can gain over 10 million xp per hour?  damn i suck at this game

good post.  agree with pretty much all of it
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Re: Thoughts After A 3x Reincarnation
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2019, 12:05:15 AM »
you can gain over 10 million xp per hour?  damn i suck at this game

good post.  agree with pretty much all of it

I can get that kind of XP simply by following him.  I'm sure you have the skills to follow a powerhouse.


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Re: Thoughts After A 3x Reincarnation
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2019, 05:16:16 AM »
you can gain over 10 million xp per hour?  damn i suck at this game

Or explore, especially the new zones :--PPPP

Several years ago, I explored a zone that was recently revamped. After some study, my naked (shop eq) char got like 8m+ in an hour.
In fact, there was a bug which let me do the following:
- Run to the zone
- Do a quest (in fact, just say <command> to the proper mob)
- Recall
- Rent
- Repeat again and again.

AFAIR, the only limiting factor was the time to recup my v's (or maybe to mem refreshes, if I was doing it by a druid).

Was fun!

Certainly, I reported the bug to the higher imms then. BTW, they allowed me to keep the xp I gained!