Author Topic: September 3, 2019 -- Reincarnation goes BETA  (Read 2278 times)

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September 3, 2019 -- Reincarnation goes BETA
« on: September 03, 2019, 04:45:00 PM »
September 3rd, 2019

   We will be releasing the new REINCARNATION feature to the public for
   beta testing starting this week on Friday, September 6th.

   We are excited about this new element of the game and will open up a
   new section of the forums to hear your feedback and ideas about it as
   we all test through it further together. We've hit a point where our
   team of alpha testers has gotten the bigger issues cleared up (we
   hope!) so now we leave it to you to help us find any other problems.

   The basics of reincarnation are this:
   - At level 30/1X/rank 15 you can reincarnate.
   - You'll essentially reroll as a level 1 (you can choose a new race).
   - You'll receive some great bonuses so pay attention in character
   - You'll keep your rank points (and receive 2 bonus rank points) but
     lose rank purchases.
   - You'll keep your spells/instincts (but will need to regain the
   - Your skills reset to awful but will train faster the second time
   - It will take a little more XP to level up again after each
   - You can reincarnate up to six times!

   You can read HELP REINCARNATION for all the details.

   We hope you enjoy all of Adepali's hard work on this cool new feature!


   - Kam