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Here's something I've been working on lately, please give me some feedback:

Characters at 1X with 15+ ranks can reincarnate up to 6 times.

Reincarnated characters:

- Go back to level 1
- Keep their name, clan, gender and alignment.
- Keep their guild and path (all classes, including paladins/dks)
- Keep all their equip, included vaulted equip.
- Keep all their spells, divine powers and pets. Spells can be cast only when their slot becomes available. Divine powers can be cast at level 25.
- Keep all their pets, along with their ranks. Can summon the pets only when they become available.
- Can change race. They also have access to exotic races (with normal class restrictions)
- All their skills are reset to 0, but levelling skills up to the previous max is much faster
- Can pick a single stat per reincarnation to get a permanent +2 bonus
- Gain 2 ranks per reincarnation, but have all their ranks reset and must buy again (including Arctic Legend). Rank progress is lost.
- Gain 20 mv per reincarnation
- Gain HP per reincarnation: tanks +15, thief/scout: +10, casters: +5
- Have spell failures and kill history reset
- Suffer a cumulative penalty to all exp gained per reincarnation. Not sure how much this should be, or if there should be any penalty at all.
- Have all their quests reset, except special quests such as the alchemy one


My first instinct reading this was no. It sounds too complicated, though I might be misunderstanding the system you are proposing.

It sounds like, with the +2 rank gain from reincarnating, it would be worth delaying reincarnation until at the higher ranks to get the most benefit. Also, limiting characters to 6 race changes per life of their character seems a little arbitrary (but again, i might be misunderstanding the system).

If making ranks easier to acquire, or encouraging players to stick to a few, very strong characters instead of many decently strong ones is the goal here, I would propose a simpler system wih some ideas I have seen tossed around here before:

- Remove or increase the rank cap, and make ranks slightly easier to gain.
- Add a vendor or option somewhere (maybe the rank merchant) to pay coins to switch race.

As it is right now, almost nobody is going to buy a damage shield rank for 30rp. If you are a tank, it is basically out of the question, because you are going to need to spend at least 4 on legend and 15 on steelskin, leaving you with 31rp at most, and if you get a shield, you won't be able to get any legend ranks. In this new system, people might actually be able to make use of the shield ranks.

This could also work decently well at higher ranks since they are already inherently harder to obtain, which kind of goes in line with your idea of making subsequent reincarnations more challenging xp-wise.

Thoughts welcome.

Interesting!! :)

I'd go for it

PS: Bring back +skills rank (other than legend ranks)

This sounds awesome.

Bring on the max con gully dwarf barbarians with 90 bonus H. Can you imagine the destruction a six reincarnated mountain scout would cause?

I'm assuming you get to keep instincts once they are gained?

Sounds super cool.

Really interesting concept, somewhat similar to the old multi-classing. Well thought out.


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