Author Topic: August 31, 2018 --- Welcome (back) to Arctic.  (Read 3421 times)

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August 31, 2018 --- Welcome (back) to Arctic.
« on: September 01, 2018, 12:03:18 AM »
August 31, 2018 --- Welcome (back) to Arctic.

Thanks for being patient with us during the downtime. We know that waiting is hard and we hope that all the work we have done will make it worth it.

A very important rule change will be in place this wipe:
- You may now have a maximum of TWO (2) characters logged per IP.
-- These characters MUST share the same e-mail address.
-- All of the characters from you should have the same e-mail.
-- Violations or attempts to circumvent these rules will be very bad.

A reminder of some other rules:
- Character sharing is not allowed. Please don't. Please.
- Names should be appropriate, you should know what isn't.
-- When we change your name, it is for a reason, take it or don't use questionable names in the first place.

On to the changes, let's start with druids.
From the great and terrible Aristox:

Druids got a significant facelift. This is not a full revamp, although one of those is in the works. These changes are an effort at rebalancing the class enough to make it viable in the game again. The changes listed below are not everything, but these are the highlights.

Please report any bugs you come across, but also try to confirm they are bugs and not -intentional- new features.

- We removed some spells.
-- create food, create water, faerie fog, gust of wind, infravision
- We made some spells divine.
-- free action, sustenance
- barkskin, iceskin and daze have had their duration improved.
- feast, plant walk and prevailing winds can now be cast almost anywhere.
- sense life now also grants infravision.
- summon faerie now makes the caster permanently lit, faeries do what they want.
- water breath now affects everyone in the room at level 20+.
- blur is now more effective.
- enlarge doesn't have a downside, and the upside has improved.
- entangle (and all web affect spells) will no longer 'grab' your weapons.
- primal fury no longer restricts potions, scrolls and running away. Other negatives have mostly been removed and the good stuff is mostly more gooder.
- healing cloud now does two casts of cure serious (instead of one cure critical) and lasts longer.
- cure massive is a new spell.
- cultivate has been rebuilt. it's a damage spell.. and more!
- the mobs associated with conjure elemental are better.
- Druid damage spells will no longer frag items.
- Druid damage spells can now be cast anywhere, except tornado underwater. Duh.
- A lot of spells have changed circles.

- commune with nature can be used anywhere, helps with concentration and other stuff.
- reclaim land makes things better for everyone.


- Dark knights will always follow the path of evil, but remain lawful.
- There are a bunch of new zones in the game. More are coming soon.
- We'll tell you about them later.
- A great number of changes were made to casting level items, mostly positive.
- A great number of changes were made to decay timers on a lot of items.
- Class sets are very different, we will post new stats on the forum for you.
- Other stuff, but let's get on with it.

We can thank people later, they know who they are, you probably do too.
There are some very strong dragons waiting to eat you.

Have a good wipe.
 - Kam, the Little Kender that Could


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Re: August 31, 2018 --- Welcome (back) to Arctic.
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2018, 09:22:01 AM »
I whine about Druids for 10 years and they get fixed after I stop playing.... I love the changes, wish I could play.
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Re: August 31, 2018 --- Welcome (back) to Arctic.
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2018, 01:09:00 AM »
Christmas Holidays are coming, might be time to roll 2 new druids!