Author Topic: August 24, 2018 --- Chaos!  (Read 2411 times)

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August 24, 2018 --- Chaos!
« on: August 24, 2018, 08:40:58 PM »
August 24, 2018

   Chaos has begun to seep into the world. The harbingers of chaos
   wander the lands of mortals, bringing death and destruction with
   incredible and almost ridiciulous rewards in exchange.

   From this point forward we kindly ask that players refrain from
   venturing into zones with which they are not familiar or that are
   high level. To be plain: there should be no exploring or high
   level zoning now that we have entered the last days of the wipe.

   Violations of this kind request will be met with a personal pwipe.

     Enjoy the end, my friends.

     - Kam