Author Topic: A possible solution to pk issues and something to perhaps liven up ArcticMUD  (Read 2736 times)

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First off I apologize in advance for the rambling mess that follows..

So the general consensus among players seems to be that PK as it once was isn't something that is viable anymore. There are arguments to be made against that belief but I don't care to address them here. There also seems to be a sizable portion of Arctic that would still love to PK like the old days. Negating PK damage entirely maybe isn't the issue but IF we are going there and maybe even if not I have an idea that I feel would both allow people to be involved in fun and MEANINGFUL PVP while at the same time giving an opportunity to people who have played this game for more than half their lives a chance at some gear that many will honestly never have a chance at sniffing outside of chaos day.

People have thrown around an idea of an arena and I have had some thoughts on it as well.

What if every  week there was a battle day. Make it only open to clan tagged characters with the top 2 clans in CRP for the previous week competing. Early wipe this might be the same 2 clans but over the course of the wipe any group of 5 - 8 players could get 'in'.

Make the battles 5 on 5 or 6 on 6 or whatever. Maybe make the battles for the first month of the wipe 8v8 and then after that make them 6v6 or 5v5.

Up for grabs to the winner would be an assortment of elite equipment.

Random example:

Week 1  HCT Orb, Huma Shield, Random Nobash, Diamond Bracelet, Old Tarnished Lance

Week 2 Sleet Orb, Random Nobash, Diamond Collar, Prism Book, Gazers Eye

Week 3 Cyan Orb, Cyan Mane, random nobash, PWS Book, Ambeoutins Axe

Week 4 repeat starting at week 1. The spells won would be remove from the mage who learned it if they did not defend there title when that spell came up again. Either allow items won to be used in successive weeks or not. Remove the items from the game or let them load as normal to be used in the weekly battle.  Obviously I'm just throwing this idea out there.

Don't allow prep items. Or allow them. Mix it up. Week 1 you can use your own eq. Week 2 you use 'arena' equipment. Week 3 you use your own eq. This lets the clan that 'wins' the rush to have the advantage every other week and allows the group of players who just didn't quite get to everything first a chance to get back in the game as well.

This I think gives people who love pk a chance to pk. It makes the rush still matter because the team that gets the most legends and the best gear week one will win the nobashes and have a huge leg up heading into week 2. It allows the people who just want to zone and not pk the chance to just zone and hey maybe if there is a chance to battle without losing gear and dealing with being hunted after they would love a little pvp action as well.

Perhaps most importantly it would allow people access to items they would never get. Playing a game for 20 fricken years with basically no hope of ever getting one of the most elite items in the game can get frustrating. Why not let every have a chance at playing with a dragon orb for a couple of weeks. If we have reached the point of not wanting people to be run off the game do to just not having the time to compete or not wanting to Pk, then I feel we have reached the point where people who have poured literal months of their lives into playing this game the chance at messing around with a huma shield or nobash or a dragon orb or something.

It would be GREAT for this game to get some of these old timers either a first crack at some of this super elite equipment or maybe a chance to reminisce about something they had many years ago but just isn't attainable for them anymore.

It would keep interest up in zoning because if RISE wants to keep that nobash and orb we won at the week 1 battle then we gotta get enough CRP to have a chance at defending it. Later in the wipe (hell or even week 1) it gives a clan like MYTH a chance to have a freaking orb, huma shield and nobash to play with! A dude like Graham DESERVES to play with a dragon orb and a nobash and being the super guy he is I bet everyone in myth would get a turn. How freakin awesome would that be? Would it kill arctic to seriously spread some love around?

I feel like this really solves some problems. RISE gets to rush and get big and crush some folks. People get a chance to just play if they want and pop any gear and hold it (aside from whatever 10 or 15 or 20 items are put up in the battles) without fear. People who have played forever but never attained the top level get a chance at some seriously legendary and nostalgic gear.

Make the arena like a simple 8 by 8 room with the groups starting in opposite corners. Put a couple of spirits and  corpse in each room for animate and control(make the spirits hit very hard and the corpses extremely hard), give like 2 ticks where each group is nohassle to prep up and then have at it. Last man standing wins his clan the gear that's on the line.

Anyway, I seriously do love this game and I'm just throwing it out there because I think it would be an interesting way to get people excited on a weekly basis.

After people die let the corpses sit there but be non lootable. Then we can even get some sweet logs with 'kloot' in them.

If you made it this far I appreciate you reading this mess.

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i think the idea of limiting pkill to an arena is a good one and i like your idea for the prizes too.

in my opinion pkill on arctic has been broken and unfun for years.  the biggest assholes with the most free time tend to end up with all the gear and most everyone else ends up playing a different game.

but its tough because that is the way arctic has always been to some degree.  in no other game can you dominate your enemies to such an extent that they cant even play at all.  and that has a great appeal to some players.


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I really stand behind the arena answer to PvP as well. It allows those who aren't satisfied with dominating the game by being great zoners to have an outlet against other skilled players. Will it come down to who has the best triggers? Probably, but it'd keep the fight away from those who just wamt to experience the game's content.

Rewards are a good idea; but it shouldn't be spells, that really is a bit heavy handed. Now a piece of gear, even high end gear with a modest decay timer is a fantastic idea.