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Zone Revamp Suggestions
« on: January 05, 2018, 09:39:51 PM »
Hello everyone!

There are a lot of zones in this wonderful game of ours and we're constantly working on more, but obviously sometimes some zones are just too damn old. The exp isn't so great anymore or the gear is outdated and useless or the quality of work pales in comparison to the epics constructed more recently (thanks Sanjuro, you jerk!), or they're maybe just booooooring after being unchanged for so, so long.
We have a few people who are just beginning to get involved with creation work on the game and so I would like to know what zones everyone feels like are the most in need of another look, a gentle adjustment or just a straight up reboot.

Feel free to list as many as you'd like, but do please try to include some reasoning if you can so we know where you are coming from.

Thanks for your help!


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Re: Zone Revamp Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2018, 05:47:17 AM »
What might be interesting is to see an updated help stat dump on zones. 

But from my point of view -

Araton - I'm not sure who really does this zone, it seems kind of boring to me, and the xp is crappy

Aghar - Used to be pretty sweet, but I don't get the sense anyone does this for exp and those dragonbane pots are gone

Blighted Farm - I personally feel this zone has too many kws for a low lvl zone, but prob not worth it to dumb it down I guess

Crytic - Do people still do this zone?  Xp is ok I guess

Haven Crypt - seems kinda small, but maybe I just don't know full zone

Mt Nevermind - Do people spend any time here now that port book doesn't need to be loaded here?

Under Relm - Seems under developed and the only reason people go here is Istar

Fyzian Smuggler Tunnels - This barely seems like a zone, but probably some good potential to expand, and also maybe fix/improve the Archimedes zonelets


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Re: Zone Revamp Suggestions
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2018, 01:32:58 PM »
or the quality of work pales in comparison to the epics constructed more recently (thanks Sanjuro, you jerk!)

One of the first things I was taught during my first working days after the univ was:
Never ever fix what is NOT broken!

This universal principle is widely applicable and perfectly so in Arctic. Thus, I'd concentrate on mini- or even micro- revamps rather than complete reconstruction:

The loads (most probably, just some loads) are no longer great compared to other zones and taking into account the todays power balance? - Enhance those few items and don't change anything else.

The kws are too obscure? - Fix just the kws (even better, add some hints; or still better, add a little side-quest that provides the hint as the reward). And once again, don't change anything else.

The zone hasn't been changed in 20 years? Not a problem, don't change anything!
Imagine, you come to Rome to see the Colosseum and aqueducts, only to find out that some impatient creator fitted it with modern windows, stretch ceiling and wallpaper and replaced the aqueducts with modern pipelines. A horrible, horrible thought. The old work is often the masterpiece of advanced technology of the days when it was created, the substantiated memory of the era long gone. Do not throw it away for no serious reason.

Placing a modern pipeline somewhere near the old aqueduct and adding a modern restroom somewhere close by is perfectly fine, but only for as long as it doesn't obstruct the view of the old structure.

The good example of sustainable development is Northern Ergoth. The new zonelets add new dimensions to the old quests or just add some new mobs for xp and ranks and more shinies, but they never overwrite the old historical parts of Hylo or Illrigger.

As to the new creators - the destruction adjustment of an old historical zone is hardly a good exercise to get involved with creation work. Example:

The old Zrael's farm was a nice little zone, pretty small and simple - but it was logical, well designed and properly implemented. There were no real problems to fix, just the desire to make the zone larger and more complex. As the result, the new Zrael's farm is severely deficient on logic (e.g. where did the kids hide when I searched the house the first time and how did they know to come out of hiding when I came back the second time?) As to the implementation, it was below any reasonable standards - I personally found and reported a bug that allowed me to pump unlimited xp out of that bug-infested place (something like 10m xp per hour without any risk or thought, perhaps even more if i could type faster).

The good task for a new creator is a little zonelet (the size of a conclave test) - up to 5-10 rooms, mobs and objects.
(I wish someone gave me that advice when I first logged to the creation port so many years ago).

It doesn't take too long to create that much, so there is a decent chance the creator completes this work before they burn out and lose interest or get busy with other rl matters. If the result is ugly and we have to throw it away completely, not too much effort is wasted. If, on the contrary, the new zonelet is excellent, it may be added to some existing zone or used as the core for a new zone.

See the N.Ergoth example above - adding 1 zonelet at a time is much better than creating a huge zone all at once:
- each zonelet can be opened to players as soon as it is ready, no need to wait until the entire big zone is finished
- thus easier to complete (an alienable part of ) the work, fewer unfinished zones still "under development, not ready for shipment" on creation port
- smaller zonelets => easier to test
- more options for teamwork (one creator implements the barracks, some time later another creator makes the courtyard, perhaps even not knowing about the barracks - then the third, more experienced creator puts it together, adds a quest that includes both the barracks and the courtyard, and voila - the big zone is ready).
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Re: Zone Revamp Suggestions
« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2018, 02:31:05 PM »
What might be interesting is to see an updated help stat dump on zones. 

Agree on that, disagree (to various extents) on everything else:

Araton - one of my favourite zones, I do it regularly for a number of reasons, including xp and loads (the last time today, right before coming here to read the forums).
The only imperfection is the (lack of) reward for completing the final quest (getting Priphea back to the city).

Aghar - some elements of the design (the Nulph's guard, the armortesters and a few more) are very fun and creative, but most of the zone is somewhat boring - just room after room with filler mobs sitting there. Perhaps a good candidate for a revamp - but only under a close supervision, to make sure no fun parts are damaged or thrown away.

Crytic - any zone by Archimedes is certainly an inherent part of Arctic cultural heritage. If some creator gets the inspiration to make Crytic better, there are lots of places to add new zonelets. The only thing that actually needs fixing is the owl quest: from what I know, it is broken. If not, add some hints - nobody I asked about it knows how to do it.

Mt. Nevermind - another historical zone, but not nearly as creative as Aghar. Keep the gnomeflinger, Sheana and perhaps a few more mobs (the miners, the experts), maybe even the entire layout of the 3-d floor; the rest may be a good candidate for a revamp.

Under Relm - never finished exploring the quest, seems too obscure; and the loads are hardly worth the effort. Azalin is ok. Another good candidate for a revamp.

Pigmy forest - one of my favourite zones, and a historical one, too. Can't really remember any problems with it. Adding new zonelets is fine but otherwise please don't change anything.

Kalaman Solamnic Ship - the knights on the deck are an ok hack-n-slash zonelet. However, the rooms under the deck seem to be uncompleted - no mobs, no loads (except on captain).

Vasmaarg - still missing the reward for completing the final quest (the bookshelf is there, but it never loads anything. Should load a low mage book and perhaps some eq or preps). At least, place the figurine in the bookshelf - will make more sense.
In general, the zone is lacking logic:
- Why would the chieftain place an ordinary spade in his personal safe?
- Once he still does that, why would he keep the key to the safe somewhere in the guard's cabin?
- What has happened to the portal? What made it buried the way it is?
- An axe is hardly the most common tool for breaking glass, and even if someone lacks better means, they would rather use the butt for the task, not the cutting edge. Thus, the kw and the message should be different - or better yet, make it a hammer. 


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Re: Zone Revamp Suggestions
« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2018, 10:50:34 PM »
Vasmaarg - still missing the reward for completing the final quest (the bookshelf is there, but it never loads anything. Should load a low mage book and perhaps some eq or preps)....

When this zone was first linked in, I spent some time exploring it, figured it all out, then did the zone a number of times before finally concluding that the bookshelf wasn't loading anything. I asked Earli about it and he said the design called for a book there but the imp at the time said a book at the end would be overpowered and nothing was ever added.


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Re: Zone Revamp Suggestions
« Reply #5 on: January 08, 2018, 04:08:21 PM »
I would like to see places like ogre shield which have had signs up for years on being complete soon, actually finished and added to the game.  Maybe also add back in the city of Jelek near Kalaman and give it some small quest to make people interested in it again. Either that or completely remove all text and everything associated with them from the game so I don't know they are there.

None of these places I mentioned have to be huge or extravagant but it would give these new guys chance to show off what they have in the world of creation and content. Quality over quantity any day of the week please!


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Re: Zone Revamp Suggestions
« Reply #6 on: January 10, 2018, 09:55:37 PM »
Pigmy - Yes Yes Yes!!!- Needs to be done sorry if you disagree, I felt it was only beneficial to good aligned players and a tad too straight forward and bland.  It Lacks flavour as it is now and is nothing like the Woods of Lahue from DL.   

Crytic - Has druid essence, quests are broken - has anyone figured out the owl? 

Garnet -  Needs a littlle clean up and more zonelets added to enhance the current content and fit in with DL worlds.

Fyzian - Yeah could use some love

Que Kiri - YES, needs love.

Que Teh - Same as Kiri.

Ill post more as I think about this.

MY .02.