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So far this wipe I have...

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rolled an evil lawful mino mountain scout.  Got it to 20, got my ass kicked by wolverine 3-4 times, gave up.
rolled an neutral lawful kender thief. Got it to 16, realized I hate neutrals because of the xp, gave up.
rolled a kago evil lawful thief.  Got it to 17, realized the stats suck compared to the kender, gave up. 
rolled an evil lawful kago shaman.  Got it to 17, realized I hate endlessly failing control, gave up.
rolled an evil lawful kago warrior.  At 15 now, still going ok.

that is all

Master Mike:
made a character, relized I wasn't playing arctic, quit new mud, became forum hero!


Any time i think of playing again I just think its no pk mud now.  like what a dumbass change.  kick yourself immortals .  u suck

Another whine thread for RISE. Awesome.


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