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legend warrior skills improvements
« on: May 30, 2013, 07:04:56 PM »
Usage:usable sitting, initiate outside combat
Extra effect: hard bash
Cooldown: shorter

Reason: Fortress loses 1 round of action, and most of the time standing warriors will want to bash instead of going into fortress mode. So if we allow warriors to go into fortress mode while sitted, then the "bashed" warrior might survive and overturn the tables. This allows for more practical use and fighting dynamics. A fight between 2 bashers doesn't need to go the way of the first bash.

Initiating outside combat means now the warrior can enter a aggro room in fortress mode without needing to worry about entry bashed etc

Parry <target>
Usage: usable sitting
Target skill

Parry is a funny skill. It's advantage is only seen if you are fighting a mob/opponent that doesn't do anything else besides melee. Making it usable sitted means the warrior can at least decide what to do (whether to stand up or not) and be parrying.

Being able to parry attacks from different attackers (rather than just the one you are attacking) will add some flavor to it. Now you can choose to take damage from the weak rescue mob you are attacking and parry off those annilhilating blows from Captain Hurt.

Disarm <target>
Usage: Can initiate outside combat, and different target, and target without weapon
I think someone brought this up sometime back. Allowing disarm from outside combat means it is a aggro skill. Disarming different targets that is attacking you (with penalties) gives  the warrior more options in combat.

Disarm target without weapons is more for zoning than anything else. This allows warrior to "lag" or unbalance the target without weapon.

Now on to Legendary Ranks
Cut bashing lag to 1 round rather than to add 1 extra round on target (Chance). This means the basher has 1 round of action before the target (assuming he lags for 2). You can use kick, disarm, parry or re-bash (with penalty)

Kick still miss too much even with +kick boots. Make it like 80% success.

Stacking limit damage? Don't see what it does.
How about change it so you can parry multiple mobs on success. Parry mob1 on round 1, parry mob2 on round 2 (while still parrying mob1) with increasing chance of failure.

Weak legendary skill. Should remove and change to the followings

New: Danger Sense
+5 danger sense
+ 10 evade
+ resist crit hits by 5%

New: Shield Block
+5 shield block
faster shield block build up (with higher melee absorption)
higher chance of blocking aggro skills, and smashing them down
chance of blocking magical attack
Chance of parry with shield instead of primary weapon

I believe the above suggestions will add more flavors to the warrior class. This allows the skills to be more practical rather than being "fluff".