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Patch notes post - Changes as they happen.


The purpose of this post is to communicate changes while the MUD is down. I didn't have a lot of time tonight... more to follow tomorrow.

12 June ---

* Ice storm now focuses.
* Gnomes lost their spell power racial bonus and now get some small spell damage instead.
* Cyan, Blazewight and Void Beast no longer load area spell books. You will have to get your questing hats on to get mage area... or get lucky.
* Shadow wrap, astral locator and delayed blast fireball are back.

13 June ---

* Tantallon, Phaethon, Enstar's Bay are all back.
* Thorbardin items which were rentable are now all norent. This is ahead of a replacement Thorbardin zone being implemented at some point in the forseeable future.

15 June --

Qualinesti has received a full face lift, contains significantly more content and is generally more awesome. I will post something in the news about this at a later stage with the appropriate thanks. One specific individual busted their ass to help make this happen, you know who you are. The zone is a complete revamp from the floor up - I've kept the legacy Qualinesti zone though, perhaps we can store up old zones we revamp then occasionally run a "time warp" type event. Pax links have been included, Cinder and Giarna are still around as well. I'm 99% sure I've removed all the links to the old Qualinesti area - but let me make this quite clear:

If by some strange manner anyone happens to find a way into the old Qualinesti zone and does not report it my vengeance will be swift and harsh.

Also, a small Green Dragonarmy camp has been added near Neraka. Again, the relevant thanks will all come later in an official type post.

Just curious. How many of active players experience the return of Tant, Enstar, etc. as totally new content rather than the return of old zones?


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