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What's in the works - preview of next wipe additions

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People have been asking me "what are you guys working on", and "when are we getting more content". Transparency is good, so I thought I'd openly communicate what's in the pipeline for the immediate future (i.e. live on pwipe, whenever that is).

* Tantallon in its entirety is ready to go back into the game.
* Phaethon will also be put back into the game.
* Enstar's Bay will be put back into the game.
* A couple of small dragonarmy camps zonelets will be added near Neraka.
* A full Qualinesti revamp will be implemented. It will be twice the size of the current Qualinesti, with varying difficulty. Some of it will be slightly harder than the current area, some of it will be significantly harder than the current area.
* A large labyrinth zone will be added. This will be relatively quest-less, being more of a hack and slash type zone. It is a little bit unique in the way it works, but I'm not going to disclose more than that.
* PWS loading will be changed. It is highly unlikely many people will get it, one or two might.
* Nightmare will probably disappear. The spell power balancing is hard, I'll probably replace it with something else. Not sure what though...
* Gnome racial bonus will get the nerf bat.
* Prism and lightning storm will probably get a minor damage boost.
If I have time I'll create an additional high level zonelet area to add in on pwipe, but I may not. We'll see.

Feedback & suggestions welcome.

Great news!  New content should bring people back.  Maybe let someone play with a Druid revamp/change?  Also, I think announcing the wipe well in advance, especially since us US people are in the middle of summer, would maximize the amount of people who would potentially rush.

Can we get rangers back finally instead of retarded scout classes? That alone would balance lots of things...
New/Revamped content is meaningless for me, there are already way more equipment than players.

el conquistador:
good stuff!  thanks

It would really be great to get some news about a wipe. Many of us need to start doing more around the house for a few months to build up extra points with our wives! hahaha. Any news, even a rough time frame would be AWESOME.

Great job with the new content and working on balancing.



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