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« on: April 19, 2017, 10:22:11 PM »
Slam was changed a bit, meant to not suck so much I believe. When it lands, it does great damage and can remove an offhand, shield, or held and place the item in the enemies inventory. Superb. The problem is that it rarely lands.

I am unsure, as I have always been, as to the point of this 'fluff' skill. Certainly, it wouldn't be fair to give all other classes a legendary skill but not Paladins. I would agree that Paladins need a high damage skill that isn't negated by stoneskin such as strike is. Paladins need a skill like kick or thrust. The problem is that it has a success rate of less than 10%. The added bonus of disarming an offhand is negligable, as avenging faith can also do this, with a near 100% success rate, and at legendary also does substantial damage (even if it fails to disarm).

It should also be noted that Slam is an excellent way in determining which Mobs are immune disarm, and there are a lot! Which of course makes this skill absolutely worthless against legendary Warriors.

I propose that Slam should have it's chance to 'hit' increased, and deal its damage even if it doesn't disarm the offhand (which it still should, immune disarm should only apply to primary), or be replaced by a different skill altogether.

This was posted in GAME BUGS rather than GAME IDEAS because I am not entirely sure that slam was A) meant to fail this often, B) meant to be indefensible to Immune_disarm mobs/players, and C) be entirely useless as striking or using avenging faith is always preferable to using slam, especially if dual wielding and striking.


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Re: Slam
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2017, 03:31:33 PM »
I always used to love playing paladins, but I feel like they have gotten a bit of the "red headed step child" treatment. The strike nerf was crippling and unnecessary, and lay is just far too random now, even with the legendary rank. Looking at something like a DK that gets bladecurse for a legendary skill, it seems that the "holy warriors" go the short end of the stick. Personally, I'd have like to have seen slam do something like a knockdown similar to bash, maybe smack someone in the face to fumble attacks/spells. Hell, you could even take the butt end of the shield and jam it into someones throat to silence them (c'mon, that would be pretty cool), but there's nothing about slam that's going to make or break a battle. Sure, avenging faith does have some of these qualities, but to not be able to target the same place 2x in a row makes, what, 10 rounds go by before you could avenge the head again for example? I'm not sure on the exact amount of rounds, but you get the point.

Let's make paladins great again! It's gonna be 'uge! :P