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nightmare and stun related changes


I am curious on the step taken to address stun/nightmare problem from last wipe.

I see white robes and paladins are given the blessing to cure the stun effect. I also know that looking at the last dump from the wipe, both these classes are at the bottom of the "legendary chars per guild" list. So some loving is always good.

My question is why the main healing classes aren't given a skill/spell to cure the stun effect? I would think these would be the first classes in line for consideration.

But nevertheless, it is a good step towards the right goal. It would better if clerics and/or shamans get similar treatment as far as nightmare/stun is concern. Maybe in the form of resists rather than outright cure.   

We wanted white robes and paladins to have a counter to the comeuppance + nightmare trend that we were seeing in the last wipe.
The cleric guild already has a very powerful set of spells and abilities, so it would be difficult for us to rationalize adding another spell to their already impressive portfolio. The selection of white robe was to remove some of the clunky mechanics that we saw in their spell list and to make them more of a true counter to black robes.

I dislike how shaman were designed and implemented, so no soup for them!!

Personally I like ye good vs evil nature of this. Clerics and shaman can be any align but white robes and paladins are the champions of good!


--- Quote from: Hoss on August 17, 2012, 11:14:21 PM ---I dislike how shaman were designed and implemented, so no soup for them!!

--- End quote ---

Change Shamans to use the path system scouts have, and throw druid in with it.  You know you want to.


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