Author Topic: February 08, 2017 -- Everything you know about cleric prayerbooks is wrong.  (Read 4185 times)

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February 08, 2017

      There comes a time in every cleric's life when the world seems
   to change sharply and everything you once knew is no longer the
   same. This is that time for you, dear fellows, for a great and
   powerful force has descended upon the land of Arctic and
   eradicated all of the prayerbooks that your kind had once coveted,
   held dear and constantly quested after. This handsome demon is of
   course the one and only Kam. A kender like no other, with so much
   power and such rugged good looks that it's a marvel even to behold
   his presence at all.

      Fear not, however, for in his infinite wisdom he has spent
   great effort and time to write a new catalog of prayerbooks,
   obviously much improved and far superior to the crumbling relics
   of days past.

      Everything you know about cleric prayerbooks is wrong.

      Those that were are now gone, and new ones stand in their
   place. While some load locations remain the same, the spells found
   there may differ. Additionally, a couple of spells that found
   their way into the hands of guildmasters have been returned to the
   exclusive domain of prayerbooks.

   Your favorite,
      - Kam.