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Dynamic ranks
« on: February 07, 2017, 01:43:53 PM »
How about changing the rank system so dynamic ranks have a shorter recharge time. One real time day unkilled would give max rank for the mob, 0-6 hrs unkilled gives 1/4, 6-12 hrs gives 1/2, 12-18, gives 3/4, 18-24 hrs gives max.
I would also suggest a more transparent system along the lines of the level progression tables, allowing players to see the rank experience required per rank, and how much they are getting per kill instead of displaying it as percentages.
Finally tougher mobs should ALWAYS give better rewards, and this could be achieved by adding a bonus rank experience for legendary mobs, this would be static to the mob.
The whole point of these changes would be to allow players to see what they are getting per rank mob and to consequently improve their efficiency in ranking...
I believe when you can see what the target is you are more likely to continue working towards it, which may contribute to players sticking around to reach their goals instead of being put off by a vague system that is not transparent, and giving up because it begins to feel like endless grind.
If we are putting the rank cap at 50, this should be achievable by the player base.