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Simple addition to improve druids

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It has been said for a long time that druids need some love, particularly in the form of a charmy. Currently they have access to conjure elemental which is not entirely useless, but the vast majority of charm stones are crap, and on top of this the spell destroys the stones. The good ones are not easy to get.
How about a higher tier of stones being loadable on high level Druid mobs and these stones can be attuned as per rings recently introduced. After you cast conjure on the stone it disappears but when the elemental is destroyed the stone reappears on the ground. If you release the elemental it reappears in your inventory.

I am not envisioning a trainable pet such as mages, but more akin to gate, with useful skills.

What druids need are like a beefy tank thingy, like a bear with menace, just imo, might be to op.

I think making ice storm a channeled spell again would at least help some of their grouping ability. Malevolent tentacles was always a good, strong spell to channel, perhaps making ice storm do about that dmg and have it channeled would be a good addition.

How about making pre legend healing cloud 100% chance to hit someone in the group again. and fixing primal fury!!

Once again I'll say, what druids really need is just to remove restrictions on the spells. Most of their spells require outside environments or pre-spells. Being able to tornado anywhere would alone make them a ton more useful.


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