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I'm going to play Arctic together with my colleague, but the problem is we're sitting in the same room, have the same IP and will be going to same zones most of the time. Of course, we won't swap characters. Is this considered to be multying? If not, then how can we avoid getting banned by mistake?

Nope.  Years ago, I had a proxy set up for this Russian dude, Mavlad, so he could play from my IP.  And we played like that for years.  It's not really a big deal.  Although, I suppose at some point if an IMM felt bothered he'd observe you two while invis.  Or perhaps if he wants to talk to you two you'll get thrown into 'the abyss' for a conversation.  And here's where 1 of 2 things will happen:

1) You'll explain politely you're two people playing from the same IP.  He'll be all, "good-stuff-doodz. see ya."  And, you'll continue playing.

2)You can be a cunt.  Throw a tantrum.  Tell him he has no right.  NO RIGHT!  to slam you into the abyss.  THE ABYSS!  Tell him you're not botting and he's a stupid faggot for even thinking so and if he doesn't let you out you're gonna quit and never come back.  And here's where the wizinvis immortal will reveal himself, kneel down before you, you magnificent bastard, and beg profusely for forgiveness.  He'll buff all your stats, give you the blessing of the elder gully dwarf prince and emote various forms of sexual depravity onto himself in hopes that you'll keep playing, and forgive him.  Forgive him above all else...

The choice is yours, buddy

love the snarky response.

I know the wizinvis guy has really got on his knees to plead my forgiveness over the years.  He even helped me pickout my buffed stats and starting city and even my class and gender a good portion of the time when i tried #2.

I usually pick second way and get pdeleted and banned for character creation - what i do wrong here bob?

back in the day.. I shared an ip with this one guy.. God.. yeah the almighty.  No big deal.

Am I likening Mavlad to God... no.. I'm just bapting mocking you.


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