Author Topic: Now that i have your attention, The Solution to botting/multiing.  (Read 5631 times)

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It appears the cat is out of the bag, people are fearful and it's because they know there is nothing they can do to stop this wrath.  If you're gonna whine about it maybe you shouldn't be cheating in the first place.  If it is immortal resources, then i would gladly devote some of my time to become an immortal with no access to information, only to enforce this simple rule, i would keep a log of all my random checks to show impartiality.  Once a player is cleared does not mean they are exempt from another check.  This check should take no longer than 5 minutes

The Solution:
Immortal enforcer - Any high level immortal can use a clan inn create structure or similar structure to design multiple simple mazes of rooms with no description, no death traps, no reason to fear expeditious movement, only exits.  This immortal can scan the game for groups.  A group will be notified and will be transported to the Multislayer Chamber. 

The simple fix:
Each player in said group will be assigned to a different random maze of a short amount of directions to navigate through.  No two players will navigate the same maze.  The concept behind this is that if a player is in fact multiing, there is no way that this player can navigate through two different mazes concurrently with two different characters at the exact same time.  There will be a disparity between the movements of the multiing player and those who are in fact legitimate.

Punish and delete accordingly.
Any questions?

P.s. posting this probably already has me on a hitlist, but i did it for those who would legitimate and fair competition in this game.  We'll see who the true assholes are now.


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Re: Now that i have your attention, The Solution to botting/multiing.
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I just spit up a little chocolate milk laughing.