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Re: New wipe in a nutshell
« Reply #15 on: March 11, 2013, 12:24:40 PM »
Personally speaking, the only thing about the changes I hate so far is vigor.  As others have stated, the majority of the mobs out there are default_warrior.  soloing in the low-mid range is damn near impossible against many of these mobs (often times a pair or more will guard the entrance to a zone) and you end up getting bashed to hell and instead of spending a couple tics regenning and finishing them off and get IN to the actual zone, you're stuck with aggro mobs that are at perfect before you can even blink, much less mount a second attempt.  (god help the poor bastard mages who were unfortunate enough to get warrior_mobs in their tests!)  I would suggest making vigor a player_only skill, or painstakingly going through the warrior mobs in the game and being very, VERY particular about which of the mobs you choose to allow this feature.  Amity/warrior statue? ok.  tero? ok.  guards at the temple of hiddukel? maybe not so much.

I have little sympathy for the "it takes too long, xping is hard" comments as we're not even 4 days into the wipe, and there are literally dozens of players at level 25-30 including myself with less than 30 hours playtime, most with at least a death or two under their belts.  Yeah, you can't steamroll things overnight.  I'm ok with that, and quite honestly, i've managed a healthy amount of zoning in groups, solo, as well as skilling without being uber focused on grinding away at the xp tables.  the vast majority of my time has been spent hunting down shinies and finding homes for them.

As for ranks being too expensive?  no.  ranks are game changers, plain and simple, and i greatly appreciate the inflated cost.  I used to laugh out loud at the number of "legendary" characters out there asking for directions between major towns.  You'd think a renowned player would know how to read a map.  These changes, while extending the game, and elongating the commitment to being the top dog are not insufferable, nor are they too hard.

This of course is coming from a player with extensive game knowledge and roughly 18 years experience playing this game.  However, the vast majority of the posts i've read are by players who have been here many, many years.  I do not, nor have I ever multied or botted, using game changes as an excused to tout this as a valid response and the only way to get ahead is idiotic.

You can't win the olympics if you aren't a dedicated competitor, and you can't rule the mud if you can't compete with the hardcore players' schedules.  You can, however still manage a very healthy gaming experience and enjoy the end-game content.  You just won't be first.  This mud has never been geared toward the casual gamer, and if you're looking for massive rewards with minimal effort, you should wait for mahasamarahu or flint to come back and do trivia.

full disclosure: i have the benefit of being a member of one of the oldest and most experienced active clans on the mud.  However I am by nature a very solo_oriented player.


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Re: New wipe in a nutshell
« Reply #16 on: March 11, 2013, 03:22:21 PM »
Feedback on the changes in order of perceived effect on game:

1. Vigor. This seems messed up at low and mid level, I suggest vigor should only work if not in combat or at least be level based.
2. Bash. the damage at low level seems to place overly high risk on a low level character. I suggest the damage be level based. Mage quests might need to be revisited if vigor/bash remain at current levels. Until now, no mob under level 20 has been able to kill players who had the good sense to flee when the going got rough. having warrior mobs be the only mob to present this kind of risk seems out of line with the rest of the game.
3. New XP tables. Seems like it's easier to find a group with some who has a lot more or a lot less playtime than me.
4. Stats. Maybe I've just been lucky but getting a playable character seems pretty quick. Two questions about changes this wipe: do the races still have stat penalties? Does a certain race still have an innate CL advantage (apart from int) over the others? The changelist doesnt give any hint of those changing. I generally assume that things haven't changed unless otherwise stated but if they havent that would seem a little weird.


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Re: New wipe in a nutshell
« Reply #17 on: March 11, 2013, 04:32:02 PM »
Eh, one other thought that became apparent to me.

Rolling for stats is more important than ever.  It was one thing to spend 3-4 hours rolling stats for a character that will take 24~ hours to level up to 30.  Now that it takes significantly longer to level up, the time invested in rolling pays off even quicker, making it crucially important to roll for those last 1-2 stat points. 

I just can't push myself to play a warrior with 1 dex below max and 1 con below max because I know the 2-3 hours it would take me to roll a perfect one is minuscule compared to the time required to reach 1x.  So rolling becomes a "play the game tax".


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Re: New wipe in a nutshell
« Reply #18 on: March 14, 2013, 01:10:41 AM »
XP Tables: It takes approximately 15-17 hours more playtime to get to L30 then it did last wipe

Vigor: It changes the game but no fight has yet been impossible because of requires more thought and player knowledge to accomplish a goal. Maybe it effected solo too much but that is still yet to be seen.

Scouts: hit points need a boost, from what I've seen from other people they are ranging between 450-470, sure legendary makes them crazy damage but that is an issue with legendary bonuses needing adjustment, not with the base class

Gear sets: keep them coming but can we avoid posting the exact sets please?

Other than that I haven't been disappointed with what I've seen so far this wipe. I like the idea that it takes longer to get to L30, but the reality is L30 1x is meaningless with how ranks are set up right I don't see why people are complaining about how long it takes to get there. By the time you are L30 1x you can (will?) be rank 20+.