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We cruelly deleted every player from the database, a full player wipe.

With this wipe comes a new system and a new domain. While the
address will continue to work for the forseeable future, it will become an
alias for a new domain: The IP address of the game will also
change from to If you use "" to
connect to the game, you should not have to change anything.

The forums on our website have also changed.  We have transferred to a new
forum software and have not carried over any of the posts or users.  Please
re-register if you wish to participate in any discussions on the forums.

We have added a DONATE button to the website and the new forums. If you are
so inclined, any contributions you can make to support the financial costs
of running this game would be much appreciated.

Without more ado, here are the changes to the game you were probably looking
for in the first place.

General Changes:
-All item sets were reworked to be more consistent.
-Dragons should cast a couple new spells. Be wary.
-Lore/Identify on objects with certain special affects should give a more clear
indication of what those affects do.

Player Killing:
-Experience will now be awarded for killing players. There is a cap on how much
experience you can gain from killing another player. There is no experience
gained for killing a player 5 or more levels below your current level.

-Rank experience can now be gained at any level.
-Ranks can now be purchased at any level.
-A new rank merchant (Chubby) has set up shop in Solace.

General Skills:
-Disarm should train more easily now.
-A successful shield block will reduce the damage taken for a short time. This
affect stacks, but only to a point.
-Scribe and Brew reuse timer reduced.
-Gift duration (and thus reuse duration) reduced for failures and successes.

-Hit point gains per level increased for Barbarians.
-Dargonesti can now be Barbarians.
-Mend cooldown reduced.
-Lore cooldown reduced.
-Sharpen cooldown reduced.
-Battle Cry cooldown reduced.

Dark Knight:
-Inspire reuse timer reduced.
-Defensive Stance bonuses reduced a little.
-Defensive Impair nerfed a little.
-Dark Blessing duration reduced a little.

-Commune with nature rewritten. Will work in non-natural rooms now and cooldown
reduced. The duration was reduced as well, but being able to use it everywhere
should make up for it.

-Cure Light added as a first circle spell.
-Restore Strength added as a second circle spell.
-Cure Serious added as a fourth circle spell.
-New Skill Added: Reckoning.  Available at level 10.
-Freedom rewritten.  It is now a group version of the former spell and also removes
power word stun and nightmare from everybody.
-Divine intervention buffed. Heals more and the Paladin is set to 2 hps, not -9 hps,
after use.

Red Robes:
-Temporal Vision cooldown reduced and number of spells returned reduced.

-Field Medic should train more easily.
-Stupefy reuse timer reduced.

-Danger Sense should train more easily.

White Robes:
-Transference reuse timer reduced for successes and failures.
-Douse spell replaced with a new spell: Wane.
-Splintered Mind spell replaced with a new spell: Favorable Odds.
-Reignite spell replaced with a new spell: Castigate.
-Ignite initial damage increased.
-Cleanse has a 50% chance to remove power word stun and nightmare.

That is it.  There might be more tweaks and changes going forward, but we want to see
how these go for now.

-- Aristox
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