Author Topic: March 3rd, 2013 -- Wipe Opening time and Upcoming Changes Preview part 2  (Read 17483 times)

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I struggle to imagine the pain and humiliation felt by those mid-level groups after being turned down by low-level casters.  Your story brings back difficult memories from a trying time; the injustice of years past suddenly feels so real.  Fortunately, much thought has been given to the matter, resulting in impressive strategies which enable low-level characters to gain XP effectively alongside mid-level groupmates. 

A bedrock principle involves having mid-level characters flee before mobs are killed.

LOL. This brings back fond memories of mid-level characters losing xp for fleeing only to hear the lowbie scream: "come back you fled when it was at awful but you need to stay until it is very awful".  The 'old' xp tables make me wonder what would happen if we went back to the days of tournaments being won by mages with less than 100 hit points, thieves considering being neutral so they could survive a hold + 4 dispel evil from a level 25 cleric, level 14 mages with hasted ogre warrior charmies taking down level 28 warriors, level 29 clerics with less than 250 hit points being brought to fight cyan and loading earthquake, and casting heal bringing the standing mem time to 4, or with a bad int roll on a wipe race - a cure serious bringing standing mem time to 4.
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all i need is summon monster, a short sword, haste memed, and clair working thanks =)


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I have spent the last two days with OPT LFG turned on and no one has grouped with me, bapt this place I QUIT!


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That is only because you won't accept invites to my group, because I killed Bob.

2013-03-05 12:16:30 Aristox killed Bob.

You are yellow.


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Are you able to see who is LFG if you haven't turned on the option yourself?


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Are you able to see who is LFG if you haven't turned on the option yourself?

It should be otherwise i don't see the point. It must be like group name, or clan tag.


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just remember sunday morning MST will be GMT -6   :)