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Enchanting FAQ
« on: October 29, 2016, 05:08:08 PM »
Q: Why can't I drain item X?
A: To be affected by drain, an item must:
  • Have the MAGIC flag, as detected by identify/lore or the detect magic spell.
  • Not be attuned. To drain magic off your own attuned items, use the severance spell.
  • Have one or more eligible flags (eg DETECT_INVIS, INFRAVISION) or affects (eg HIT by 5, CON by 1). Not all flags and affects in the game are eligible. Notably, +hitroll, +damroll and +skill are not eligible and are ignored by the drain magic spell.
  • Not purchased by a merchant who produces it. Purchased items that were sold to a merchant by other players can be drained.
  • Not have the NO_DISENCHANT flag, given by creators to special items.
  • Be rentable.

Q: Sometimes drain magic fails with no message.
A: This was a bug and has been fixed.

Q: How to get high-tier motes? I disenchanted elite item X, but only got a wispy mote.
A: The tier of the mote depends on three factors:
  • The power of the flags or affects on the item. Each eligible flag and affect is mapped to a specific mote tier. When checking eligible flags and affects, the spell will always select the two best ones.
  • Luck. There is a chance that a low flag/affect will generate a higher-than-normal mote; the chance is relatively low, but good enough to encourage grinding.
  • The decay state of the item. Items closer to decay will generate motes of lower power.
There was a bug that caused new high-tier items to generate low-tier motes, this has been fixed.