Author Topic: October 20th, 2016 -- Everyone feels enlightened?!  (Read 3876 times)

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October 20th, 2016 -- Everyone feels enlightened?!
« on: October 20, 2016, 12:37:34 PM »
One of the most common complaints that players have had recently was regarding the difficulty in raising particular skills to superb. The trouble stemmed from the original code never anticipating a system where every character would need to max out every skill. The first 85% of the way was reasonably balanced, and the last 15% was very much dependant on luck.

The solution needed to be better than "make it easier to skill up" because we do not want to reward bot-like behavior, or force people to gear or rank in a particular way just to skill up. Arctic players are a combination of both extremely observant and extremely superstitious which left us in a position where we would see warriors with +learn, intelligence and wisdom ranks as that was the 'only way' they would ever see superb skills. We want players to train their skills by killing digital monsters, not wearing class inappropriate gear and praying in their guilds for hours at a time.

To that end, skill training has been reworked. It should now be much easier to train your skills during normal zoning, especially those that have traditionally been very hard to raise. The effectiveness of the things that would logically affect a persons ability to learn a skill have been improved overall. On the other hand, botting (which is still illegal!) will have a greatly reduced effect.

Skill training is very complicated, and its possible to likely that some skills will need further tweaking. I have built the new system to be more flexible around the differences of individual skills so it will be easier to compensate for problem areas. Please let me know if you notice anything strange, especially if you think skills are raising much faster than they ought to.