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October 26th, 2016 -- Enchantment
« on: October 27, 2016, 09:49:28 AM »
The head of the Conclave of Mages was awoken by a frantic knocking at the
door to his chamber. With a frustrated wave of the hand, the wizard opened
the door, preparing to berate whichever apprentice it was that had the
tenacity to disturb him at this hour. To his shock, he saw that it was one
of his closest friends and allies, a senior mage of the red robes who had
been missing for several months after embarking in search of an artifact
that would let him gaze into the future.

The red robe stared at him with a look of fright and horror, before
stuttering in an attempt to explain the source of his terror. "Master... I
saw... it is true... the future... no magic..." The head of the Conclave
conjured a glass of elven wine, and motioned for his friend to sit down.
After draining the glass of its contents, the red robe continued with his

He told of a vision of a barren land, a Krynn devoid of all magic.
Once-mighty mages cowered, powerless, behind warriors and barbarians, whose
blades now decided the fate of the world. Towers of High Sorcery lay
derelict, home to rodents and other, less savoury, creatures. Spellbooks
which once held secrets to almost unfathomable power lay abandoned, useless
in a world no longer watched over by the gods of magic. The red robe could
not determine for sure how far into the future the vision was set, but
there were clues that it was not long in the measures of time used by
mages, certainly less than a millennium and possibly even less than a

When these findings were announced to the senior members of the Conclave,
the thought of a world without magic struck terror into the hearts of
wizards of all robes, and so they began to make preparations for this
eventuality, should it ever come to pass. If magic from the gods could not
be relied upon, wizards would require other, more physical, reserves from
which to draw power.

For years the wizards toiled, devising ingenious methods for draining the
power from magical items and artifacts, condensing the magic into a
physical manifestation which could be stored in vaults within the Tower of
High Sorcery for later use. Should the need arise, they could use this
condensed magic to imbue new items with whatever powers and enchantments
were needed to defend themselves.

Before long the wizards began to form a stockpile of condensed magic, ready
for use should their god-given power one day be taken from them. But alas,
enchanting new items with the stored magic proved much more difficult. Many
ingenious concepts were tried, but even those that seemed promising failed
at the final hurdle, the magic repelling itself from the item and
condensing back into physical form.

They were close to abandoning hope, when the head of the black robes
emerged from her chamber, visibly weak and drained, after months in
isolation. Though her body seemed weaker, her robes gleamed with newfound
arcane power. She had discovered the secret to enchanting items with
condensed magic, a ghastly process which used the energy of her own soul to
bind the item to her, creating a conduit of power so strong that the magic
could no longer resist being channelled into the item. She would not speak
of the deeds she carried out at the item's behest to build a bond strong
enough to accept the powerful magics she wished to imbue. But the Conclave
had their answer at last and, with it, a plan to safeguard their power for
the eons ahead.

-- Ranzin


Or, our new enchantment system is ready. See HELP ATTUNEMENT and HELP
ENCHANTMENT to get started.

Our main objective with this system is to provide exciting long-term goals
for more casual solo players and small groups. As it is a major new feature,
expect several changes while we tweak it for better balance. Please submit
your feedback on the forum.

Outside the Tower of Wayreth, Mistress Jenna in Palanthas was the first to
realize the business opportunities provided by the newfound art of enchanting.
Besides selling the necessary parafernalia, she has instructed her new
assistant, Rupert, in the arcane mysteries of sigil creation.

Robed mages should visit their guildmaster in Wayreth to learn the drain magic
spell. The less magically inclined can purchase scrolls of drain magic from
Jenna's shop.

NOTE: There is currently a single attunable item in the game: a plain silver
ring, sold by Jenna. Players can only attune and wear a single such ring.
Jenna will not refund greedy customers.

Many thanks to all imms and mortals who helped with the testing and the setup
of the enchantment system.

-- Adepali / Ranzin