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Re: Multiing
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  You know I have a lot of love for you, but like I said, without major ingame changes it isn't a viable option in my view and anyone who has risen to dominance without cheating...I have a ton of respect for them and they are heroes of the game. 

  My thoughts on this generally stem from going from hapless newbie back in 2008ish to being in top tier clans to now where I tend to just try to get those that return/are new(believe me there are a lot of those) onto at least a playable level with interactions and getting known.  In the current metagame with the player mindset, they CAN NOT COMPETE because of the large scale paranoia and general asshattery of major clans especially when there is a war going on.  Botting/multying without figuring in some sort of balance for these people would effectively keep those players from succeeding.  The only thing that would prevent this would be an opt_nopk flag til legend which adds a whole other level of issues.

  What I keep coming back to on this issue is that there are a large number of people who DO play this game straight.  Just removing the restriction just rewards those who cheat and creates a huge imbalance.  The players should be the ones policing this within their clans, yet consistently they fail to do so.  I know I have with the various clans I have been in that I suspected someone of multying.  It's a selfish reasoning to protect those who cheat, even if you are the best of friends rather than acting to preserve the integrity of the game.  I have seen too many games be ruined by cheating to think that rewarding those that cheat a good thing.  This isn't something new in the game world.  You see it reflected throughout the online gaming world in game not tailored towards botting.  It's worse in games where you have a real world value in ingame items.  Botting is so sophistated now that having a zero tolerance and active policing is the only way but that comes with a price in terms of development.  In a free competitive game like Arctic that operates and develops by the free time and labor of the immortals, forcing them to be policemen just is a pain and keeps the game from going in a better direction.  If the immortals weren't spending the time keeping the players policed, they would have more time to develop the same ingame mechanic in terms of a mercenary system that would render this whole argument moot.  Regardless of the whines about what some people seem to think of various charmie systems, they would be effective in doing the same thing.  I personally don't think the game has reached that point, but it IS a good time to start considering it rather than what I see as a game-killer.

  Anyhow, I get you, I really do and I feel for the immortals that continually have to deal with this nonsense that should be self-policing but isn't.  People need to get a little self-respect and work within the game rules or immortal and start making the push themselves on developing the game in a positive way.  The players also need to get rid of the stupidity.  That kills the game more than anything else.  A point in case is 
iDavidCZX1 post above...but changing that behavior can't be done via coding.

  Anyhow, as I said earlier it's the players you, me, and everyone else that dictate the state of the game and that is the real issue more than anything on player attrition.  There are lots of options as well, so once you lose someone it'll be a while before they come back...if ever.  I don't, however, care if a cheater who got caught quits and never returns.  They cause more harm than good.

  As an aside, this is really why I positively got upset that this was even discussed.  It's a hot button topic and regardless of the decision it angers people to the point of ridiculousness. In this discussion, at no point did I see a pro-botter say,"Hey if people want to multi here's a script and I will personally develop the best scripts for characters I can and post it."  Rather, you have people wanting it who have done it themselves wanting to be able to do that in the open without giving that info to those who don't know how to do it.  Just boiled down to cheaters wanting to be rewarded for cheating.  I am pretty sure if people were wanting to put a hand out to implement it in a very real way with their time, the overlords would have been more inclined to listen than with the "games dying, no one likes me, this sucks, I want to solo big things with a bot army, everyone else cheats, you can't stop it" arguments.

  On the same note, a lot of players opinions and actions is what keeps me deciding against immortal application for myself since I realize that my sense of fair play and no tolerance for drama.  The time investment analysis just doesn't seem to justify it and I think I would just piss off Hoss, Sanjuro, and Aristox more than adding to the growth of the game plus anyone that catches the rough side of me if I ever got real power.  So I remain the mortal who takes a lot of time and effort building up the new/returning types as much as I can or even experienced players who might have a question I think I know the answer to.  I think more people should be doing this and I know there are a few who do. 

  Anyhow, rambling and not really answering the questions posed I know. 

Super Tacoman

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Re: Multiing
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90% sure raven is rurh


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Re: Multiing
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90% sure raven is rurh

Nah, Rurh didn't have respect for me. He also had too much respect for himself that he wouldn't lie about it.

Anyway, I still think this avenue should be explored even as a test later in the wipe when the player base is sparse.


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Re: Multiing
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No Botting! it's just a stupid idea and i agree 100% with raven also hi Corey long time no talk don't know if you remember me but if u decide to play or if anyone ever wants to group or needs help i usually play through out the whole wipe just pm me :)


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Re: Multiing
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@Super Tacoman
  Sorry wrong but take the condolence prize....Everyone know I am the eternal Ravan...Quit sucking!!Who the hell is rurh!!!


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Re: Multiing
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I am going to close this thread after I finish this post.  I think the thread has run its course.

I have never liked multing.  When I was only a player I had an aversion to it, but since I have been in a position to influence the game I have always looked on it as nothing but a negative.

I could go into more detail, but a lot of what I would say has been said already in this thread.