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Race or Roll? Which do you think is better on wipe day?

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I'm just curious...I'm a huge fan of racing, I can accept that my character sucks more easily than I can justify waiting for goblins in sewers to repop.  However, I know a lot of people are split on this.

i am probably going to try that new race that is being implemented pick my class and just go with it due to just trying to level up quick and get into the bigger groups etc..i just came back before the wipe so i didn't get to play that much and what not but hey if u want to rush with me and 3 others let me know will get ya in on it!

Where are you starting?

I once raced AND got a good roll on my first character, or at least totally playable (consider that this was in about 1996 or so).

Strength 20 Dexterity 20 Intelligence 15 Wisdom 15 Constitution 16

Can anyone guess the race and class?

gob thief


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