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Raise dead and control spirit
« on: October 08, 2016, 09:27:57 AM »
When a player dies, they have option to stay at the corpse as ethereal spirit for 10 min before forcing to login screen.

During this interval, 2 things can affect the player corpse.

1. Raise dead.
The player is fully raised from dead. Corpse disappear and HP recovers to 30%. Dazed effect for 1d5 rounds.

2. Control spirit
The player exist for the duration of control skill as a spirit, charmed by the shaman. However, the player can perform tasks as in charmed mode minus reciting scroll or leaving the shaman.
When, if raise dead is casted on the corpse, the player is return to where the corpse is and shaman loses the control.

Raise dead: cleric spell circle 6.

As an ethereal spirit, the player can stay in the room of the corpse as an observer for 10 min or return to login screen. No other task can be performed.


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Re: Raise dead and control spirit
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I like it