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I've been thinking of trying out arctic mud however when I connect to 2700 and type 'start' not a damn thing happens, I also tried to just type a name, and even tried the name of a char i saw in a log...nothing happens.  Any idea what's going on?

Second question, whats a good solo char, I'd like to be able to do as much meaningful stuff as possible should I find myself group-less at any given time.

Thanks in advance.

Shaman absolutely. Ask help for regen quest at 20ish, it's huge healing spell for that class. When you kill mobs, sometimes you will see spirits arise from them. Control them. At 25ish, you can control 3. order all.spirit assist you.

What client are you using to connect to the mud Tiu2?

Shaman is so annoing class... I would recommend paladin.

Paladin is strong solo?  I usually prefer the hitter route over caster but usually thats not an option for solo but if that's viable I'd rather go that way.

Re: connecting

This is something I'd be just doing at work (until I get sucked in and play at home) and at work all i can use is putty which does work for the only other mud I've tried it on, perhaps it doesnt work for Arctic?  I haven't tried connecting from home where I'd use CMud.


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