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option care bear
« on: September 30, 2016, 05:42:36 PM »
every once in a while people suggest some sort of no-pk flag but the mechanics could create more problems.  have people ever considered instead of changing the mechanics based on the care bear option changing the consequences based on the care bear option.  maybe something along the lines of
 - if a regular kills a care bear, the care bear doesnt lose xp and only loses 'good' gear (still goes to the inn with 1hp and no spells memmed)
 - if a care bear kills anyone the victim doesnt lose xp or gear (still goes to the inn with 1hp and no spells memmed)
 - if a regular kills a regular, consequences as they currently are
 - people can choose to permanently lose care bear status at any time
 - legends automatically lose care bear status
 - care bears cannot even pick up top tier gear

though the biggest problem i see would be care bears running into a zone and messing it all up by interfering with fights. the current deterrents seem to be xp and gear loss and the inability to skill/gear up because hunted. but maybe there would be other ways of deterring this behavior if/when it becomes a problem.

if the only consequence of pk was to lose eq, maybe we would see more of it and but it would not cause as much trouble.
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