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An idea I think we can adapt from other games
« on: September 13, 2016, 06:04:06 PM »
As I'm sitting in my meetings, one common subject that is always brought up - what are our competitors doing? I work in the retail sector, store level management. And it occurred me not only is this a very common topic at any company I've worked for, I also see it as a consumer of entertainment when it comes to  video games.

Every game out there has some sort of perk weekend or week within their own game. For example, it's double IP in league of legends, 1 gem boost week in clash of clans, bonus maps in halo, or crucible week in destiny for specialized gear. I'm not sure if they are able to turn this as simple like turning on a switch, but they do have them.

I'd like to see us adapt that idea within our own content, like double rank experience, level xp or coins. I am playing this wipe since about 2 or 3 wipes ago. I'm having fun, even though our only pk battle was day 2. But I guarantee you, after 2 months when the game becomes stale I will log on if there was a perk weekend something similar to what I'm talking about where instead I would normally choose to play something else or only log if we will do a big fight as a clan, pve or pvp.


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