Author Topic: September 8th, 2016 -- Pet Ranks & Rank 0  (Read 4040 times)

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September 8th, 2016 -- Pet Ranks & Rank 0
« on: September 08, 2016, 03:32:26 PM »
We have deployed a fix for a longstanding bug with pet ranks that involved extra spell slots. This should be completely resolved and all pet ranks should now be working. Let me know if you come across any outliers that still need to be addressed.

We have tweaked the way rank information is displayed. You no longer need to achieve rank 1 before being able to see your rank status in score or prompt rank. We have also made prompt rank default to on, so you will not need to enable it on all of your new characters.

There have been some requests for us to clarify the official stance on the group limit, and the various situations that may occur regarding pk. We are hesistant to outline specifics for every possible example, so the stance will be succinctly defined as follows.

Don't zone with more than 8. If we decide youre breaking that rule, bad things will happen to you. Walk in the grey area at your own peril.