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Important information - Pwipe
« on: August 26, 2016, 12:40:44 PM »
It may take some time for the domain to re-route to the new server. In order to connect to the new server you will need to connect to the IP and port listed below.

EDIT: 2700 is working

It is anticipated the domain will link to the new server at some point within the next 36 hours, but exactly when is unclear.

The Big List of Thanks:

Well its been a long two weeks, but we're approaching the finish line. Thanks go out to:
  • Aristox, Hoss and Scrappinak for all their work over the last... decade? Without the tireless efforts of these guys Arctic Mud would legitimately not exist, so make sure to show them some love if you see them on. They will still be around and have input on how the game is shaped, though likely in a less "hands on" capacity.
  • Loflika for giving up a lot of free time to get the new server up and running.
  • Flook for putting in countless hours to help out with world changes.
  • Adepali for being awesome, fixing all kinds of things that have been broken for a long time and developing cool new features.
  • Wratha, Kam and Rafo for contributing a variety of things.
  • Keila for running chaos events and asking if anyone needs anything about ten billion times.
  • Alecto for some description writing.
  • Tour and Adrianna for working on Tantallon, which does not look like it will be in by live however should be ready some time in the near future.

We hope you enjoy the game, and try to die a lot please. It makes me smile.
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