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Back after a LONG time.

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I last played around 20 years ago under either this name of Hawkson.  I've been feeling like trying it out again but I can't remember for the life of me anything I did.  I know I used a mud app which would let me set macros to log in and even to travel quickly but again I can't remember them.  If someone has time I'd love to get some tips on how to re-enter the fold.


Hey I also just started again after several years off. If you are talking about a mud client, JMC is a decent one and is easy to use. I still had a lot of my old config files with some triggers, aliases, highlights etc. I'll send (msg or email) them to you if you're interested. As for JMC, a generic link to download it seems to be but I personnally downloaded a more recent version from the russian site and it's in english. I'm a frenchie so I semi-randomly clicked on what looked like the download button, got myself a .zip. I google-translated russian-english the help page, but the help files from older versions of JMC will do.

Alright, cool I will check it out.  Thanks!

Also cool to see posts from Oligo on here, I remember the epic battle logs he had.


--- Quote from: Falhawk on August 15, 2016, 08:44:57 PM ---Also cool to see posts from Oligo on here, I remember the epic battle logs he had.

--- End quote ---

I do have those logs from the '96 to '02 or so era, unfortunately my hosting provider at the time lost the database some years back.
I may eventually rehost them. If there's any particular fight you wanted to see or reminisce, I can definitely provide a link on an adhoc basis.

To bring you up to speed, Suf's is where most folks post and debate logs/fights these days.

Due to the way the game has evolved and changed, you don't quite see the same scale and frequency of pk as you did 2 decades ago due to a variety of reasons (legend, rank grind, group limits, aging player population, etc).

I will totally check out those logs.  I remember beings psyched to see my name in them.  It was fun to see the screen scroll text like crazy.


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