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I've re-balanced races. As always, this is not on game port yet.

For the moment, there is still no need to roll as each stat only varies by 1 on the "roll". Your class choice alters your stats quite a lot though. Our players are on average time poor, so this is more quality of life for the greater public. If not having to roll is undesirable, let me know - but I don't think too many people want to hit centipedes for hours?

That said, the stats of races vary much more. There are definitive differences, with each having strengths and weaknesses. It's now a choice that will affect your character to some extent. Exotic races are still in, however overall will not be as overpowered. They're still better than classic races, but not so much better that you'll want to dump your first character ASAP to upgrade. Below are listed general standpoints of where races fall, their align choices and class options.

Humans: Flat average overall. Humans have however developed an innate ability to bounce back from physical injury or exertion, regenerating noticeably faster than other races.
Classes: All
Aligns: All

Half-elf: Half-elves are fairly average similar to their human parents, however their elven heritage has given them slightly better dexterity and infravision. This comes at the cost of a diluted regeneration bonus, as they are only half human.
Classes: All
Aligns: All

Silvanesti elves: The Silvanesti are highly intelligent and relatively nimble, though are less physically robust than humans. They are immune to the effect of sleep spells, have infravision and through ages of studying the world have become more adept at learning than other races.
Classes: Cleric, Druid, Warrior, Thief, Mage, Scout
Align: All

Kagonesti elves: The Kagonesti are fairly strong, as tough as a human and extremely nimble - even more so than their other elven cousins. What they gain in physical prowess they lose in intellect and wisdom however. They are naturally suited to travelling the wilderness, generally recovering quicker from long distance travel.
Classes: Warrior, Thief, Barbarian, Scout, Shaman
Align: All

Qualinesti elves: The Qualinesti are wise folk and relatively nimble, yet like the Silvanesti are less physically robust than humans. Their focus on regenerative magics have made them better than average healers, and their elvish blood gives them infravision.
Classes: Cleric, Druid, Warrior, Mage, Scout
Align: All

Hylar: Hylar dwarves are slightly stronger than humans and much, much tougher. They are not known for their agility or quick minds, though do have infravision. Hylar dwarves are also less likely to be affected by debilitating magical affects.
Classes: Cleric, Warrior, Paladin, Thief, Barbarian
Align: NC, NL, NG, GN, GL, GC

Hill dwarf: Hill dwarves are not as strong or tough as their Hylar brethren, though still much tougher than elves or humans. They are known for being a very wise race and for maintaining firm concentration on the tasks at hand. They also have infravision.
Classes: Cleric, Druid, Warrior, Thief, Barbarian, Shaman
Align: All

Theiwar dwarves: Theiwar are not tough, nor do they possess great strength. Instead, they are extremely intelligent and extremely agile, relying on wits and speed to get the job done. They also display wisdom beyond that of a human, though this is not their forte by any means. Theiwar minds are exceptionally quick with the arcane arts, and their mental acuity is well known. They also have infravision.
Classes: Cleric, Druid, Warrior, Thief, Mage
Align: NC, NL, NE, EC, EN, EL

Kender: Kender are weak, fragile and not particularly smart. They do however possess legendary agility and nimbleness which makes them the best at what they do. Kender are also as charismatic and wise as a human would be. They are also completely fearless and more skilled at dodging attacks than other races - even beyond what their natural dexterity would suggest.
Classes: Warrior, Druid, Thief, Barbarian, Scout, Shaman
Align: NC, NL, NG, GN, GL, GC

Gnome: Gnomes are extremely weak and physically fragile. Their tiny stature makes them terrible fighters, but what they lack in brawn they make up for in brains. Gnomes have almost superhuman levels of intelligence and an affinity for magic, making their spells more likely to take affect on targets. They are also somewhat nimble, and possess infravision.
Classes: Cleric, Warrior, Thief, Mage
Align: All

Goblin: Goblins are pretty agile and tough, while still as strong as a human. Unfortunately they're not very bright, nor are they wise. Their fearsome appearance and ugly-ness makes them able to intimidate and influence others, making them (by the wierdo logic of our stat system) quite charismatic. They have slightly better than average regeneration, infravision and an innate ability to spot toxins and poisons from a mile away.
Classes: Warrior, Thief, Barbarian, Scout, Dark Knight, Shaman
Alignment: NC, NL, NE, EN, EL, EC

Minotaur: Minotaurs have come back from the exotic lands, appearing in greater numbers in Krynn. These beasts are really freakishly strong, able to snap necks like twigs. They are slightly tougher than a human, but not as tough as a dwarf. Their large size makes them awkward and cumbersome, they are also dumb. On top of this, their focus on physical prowess has left them slightly more likely to be affected by debilitating magic. That's what you get for pumping iron all day, I guess.
Classes: Cleric, Warrior, Dark Knight, Barbarian, Scout, Shaman, Mage
Alignment: All

Exotic races:

Irda: The Irda are as wise as the Qualinesti, yet as nimble as a goblin. They are also slightly tougher and more charismatic than might be expected. Their physical strength and intelligence their downfalls, yet both of these attributes are equivalent to that of a human. Of all the exotic races they have the most balanced spread of strengths and weaknesses. Their extensive experience with magic throughout the decades has made them impervious to charming effects.
Classes: Cleric, Druid, Warrior, Thief, Scout, Mage, Shaman
Alignment: NL, NG, GN, GC, GL

Gully dwarf: Gully dwarves are really, really stupid. Dumb as a post. Their constitution, however, is legendary. They are also very nimble and slightly stronger than a human. Gully dwarves generally live in garbage heaps, so they have become genetically immune to disease. They also have a natural resistance to breath attacks and infravision.
Classes: Cleric, Druid, Warrior, Thief, Barbarian, Scout, Shaman
Alignment: NC, NL

Half-ogre: Half-ogres are really strong, yet not quite as strong as minotaurs. They are noticeable tougher though and demonstrate higher levels of charisma, wisdom and intelligence. On top of this they know how to pack a punch, dealing ever so slightly more damage in combat than other races.
Classes: Cleric, Warrior, Dark Knight, Barbarian, Shaman
Alignment: NC, NL, NE, EN, EL, EC

Dargonesti: The Dargonesti are very strong and extremely agile, both physically and mentally. They are quick with wit and with blade. They are not particularly wise or charismatic, but are about as tough as a human. They do have infravision however, and are able to move through water as if it were air. Additionally, Dargonesti are slightly better at dodging incoming attacks than other races - though not as good as Kender.
Classes: Cleric, Druid, Warrior, Paladin, Thief, Barbarian, Scout, Mage, Shaman
Alignment: All

Feel free to post feedback or suggestions - happy to hear them.

Edit - Qualinesti can now be scouts. Not sure why I left them restricted from being our current "ranger equivalent".

I am actually excited to log into this site again, these awesome changes, and current activity with the staff are great, keep up the awesome work, and thank you so much for giving a damn guys.

Petition to restore Minotaur druids and mages.

Can we have high str casters back? 16 str mages and druid are bapting annoing.


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