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Melee Balance Update
« on: January 13, 2016, 08:07:18 PM »
We have been looking at power balance throughout the mud and wanted to provide this update as we start our first balance passes focused on melee gear.

These balancing passes are intended to place equipment into better alignment with the game's internal mechanics. With these changes, we hope to provide melee characters multiple paths to success, while removing some of the absolute power that damroll items have. To support this, we will be restricting certain affects such as strength and damroll to the same wear locations. This change should create some competition between those stats, add value to strength items and not allow for it to be super easy to be a +25 damage character with 28 strength.

In addition to equipment changes mentioned above, weapons will also receive some balancing in the weight and damage dice areas. The mean weapon damage done by all weapons will be reduced and some weapons might be placed in lower or higher brackets than before. High end melee players will still hit hard in comparison, however the gap between should become more approachable. This change also allows the creation staff to design encounters with higher failure tolerance.

Again, I appreciate the thoughtful feedback that we receive from players and look forward to having discussions. After we complete the melee balancing, we will start with you mangy spell casters.